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Edible Collagen

Our wide variety of edible collagen casings has enjoyed great popularity world-wide for decades. Whether for processed, fresh, pre-cooked fried sausages or dry-cured snacks, every edible collagen casing from Viscofan is a classic.Our variety of tailor-made product finishes ensures the best processing on all machines. 

Edible collagen casings are ready to stuff. Our casings ensure faster and cleaner production processes and excellent organoleptic properties.



Now more than ever, Viscofan brings the widest range of plastic casing solutions.

Our CLASSIC LINE for never-ending applications, the choice when products are sliced, frozen or wrapped in a secondary packaging.

The SMALL CALIBER POLYAMIDES monolayer casings designed to bring the shelf-life and benefits of plastic casing to small caliber sausages with the “skin-on”.

SMOKE PERMEABLE CASINGS, a new plastic range from Viscofan that absorbs and transfers the smoke colour, flavour, and aroma to the product. Designed to bring the benefits of extended shelf-life and effective manufacturing to the casing market.

Our premium BARRIER CASINGS high performance plastic casings constructed with several layers that combine in one “structure” all the positive properties needed to meet the processing and shelf-life requirements for a variety of products.